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Rotarex S by Straub Medical

Rotarex S by Straub Medical




Thrombectomy for acute to chronic occlusions

What makes it unique?

The rotating head of the Rotarex S enables quick detachment of occlusive material during surgery. Fragmentation of the aspirated material then allows for easy transportation out of the patient’s body for a quick and successful outcome. Rotarex S is for use in peripheral system vessels from up to 8mm in diameter to 3 mm in diameter. Treatment of venous system vessels can be undertaken with the Aspirex S that offers highly efficient thrombectomy in acute occlusions of this nature.


  • Easy to use
  • Reduced procedural time (average time is 30 minutes)
  • Low risk of distal embolization
  • Does not require any form of TPA in procedures

  • Significantly reduces the risks inherent in using catheters and the administration of clot dissolving drugs when treating the critically ill or elderly

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