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Penumbra Coils 400

Penumbra Coils 400


Endovascular surgery


Used in the treatment of intracranial aneurysm

What makes it unique?

Due to its 0.020” primary diameter, the Penumbra Coil 400 has 400% the volume per unit length of a 10-size coil. This equates to double that of conventional 10-size coils. Its larger diameter makes it softer and gives it a tighter break during packing than conventional 10-coil alternatives.


  • Faster procedural times
  • Softer than conventional alternatives
  • Potentially cost saving (particularly in medium to large aneurysms)
  • Detachable handle for instant and precise micro-machine coil physician-controlled release


  • For Framing
    • Complex Standard: 3mm – 32 mm diameter, up to 60 cm length
  • For Filling
    • Complex Soft: 3mm – 16 mm diameter, up to 60 cm length
    • J Soft: 7cm – 25 cm length
  • For Finishing
    • Complex Extra Soft: 2mm – 4mm diameter, up to 10 cm length
    • Curve Extra Soft: 2mm – 4mm diameter, up to 10 cm length

All are compatible with PX400 Micro-catheters and the Penumbra Detachment Handle.

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