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One Vision, Many Countries

Medical knowledge develops daily and it is essential for companies like ours to not only keep up-to-date with changes, but to share this knowledge for the benefit of the medical fraternity. As a growing company with footprints in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore we strive to ensure that the knowledge and skill held by one branch of our company is shared with the others for the benefit of all. That is why we devote time each year to bringing our managers together to share their knowledge and experience and enrich our company as a result.

Our first managers meeting was held in 2010 in the lovely wine growing region of Margaret River near Perth, Western Australia. In 2011 we met again in Penang, often heralded as the food capital of Malaysia. This year we are excited to be gathering together at Bintan Island in Indonesia, which is just a short 45 minute ferry ride from Singapore, making it the ideal location for all three branches of our company to come together and brainstorm improvements and growth for the year ahead.

Over the three days of meetings our management staff will focus on sales and presentations to develop skills and exchange best practice. This is essential to the continued growth of our company and is a large contributor to our continued success and reputation for expert knowledge and skill. However, good management doesn’t lie solely with numbers and technical skill. We recognise the fine balance to be had between working hard and enjoying life and that is why we also devote some time at each event to really embrace the things on offer in our chosen location, immerse ourselves in the culture of the countries in which we work and really bond as one company, with one vision but many branches. So…to Bintan Island we go!

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