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New Medical Training Lab Set to Open Its Doors

The effective training of medical professionals is a strength of our company. Our small training dry-lab at the Malex Malaysia office, designed for the orthopaedic division of our business, has been in regular use since it was built in 2010. Containing one workbench with shoulder and knee models, instruments and arthroscopy viewing equipment, it has proven to be an invaluable resource to surgeons and nursing staff seeking training in the new devices available.

Following on from the success of this dry-lab we are delighted to be able to extend our training facilities with another new, purpose built lab serving the training needs of our endovascular and surgical clients. The new lab will host staff training for our own sales representatives, conducted by surgeons from Malaysia, Singapore and Perth. It will also enable us to provide workshops for new surgeons, exploring various arthroscopy techniques. We are delighted to be able to invite local and international leading surgical experts to conduct these training workshops within our new facility. As a leading surgical supplies distributor, the new lab will also provide our medical community with the ideal environment in which to gain hands-on exposure to new products as they are launched. This will enable surgeons to “try before they buy”, ensuring that they have the opportunity to address any concerns and questions in a life-like scenario. Our company is fully committed to the advancement of medical science. We are devoted to making the best products available to the medical fraternity.

It is inline with this drive that we are also pleased to be able to open our new medical training lab facility to other distributors in the region. Construction on this exciting new venture is due to begin immediately as we aim to have our new medical training lab running for the beginning of July 2012.

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