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Malex Medical Asia and Medivenn Australia Embrace Generation Y

Malex Medical Asia and Medivenn Australia Embrace Generation Y

Like every large company our staff consists of people from all walks of life and all generations. Each has their own talent and strength and together they make a strong and dedicated team. However, also like every large company, we have seen a problem in recruiting and retaining Generation Y workers. What makes Generation Y different? What attracts a Generation Y worker? What is a Generation Y worker looking for in a job?

These were all questions we asked ourselves on our training day in March. How could we attract the best Generation Y workers and keep them on our team? Generation Y is made up of some of the most enthusiastic and motivated workers within the workforce and yet companies large and small are struggling to recruit and hold them. We place great value on the skills that our team bring to the company and wanted to get a good insight into what drives this generation of workers so that we could adjust our business to attract Gen Y workers and to offer progression and development within the company in order to retain them into the future. So, on the 17th March all managers and senior sales representatives from our offices in Malaysia, Singapore and Perth gathered at the Malex Medical Asia head office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a full day of training.

We focussed on improving our own interpersonal skills with new employees, understanding that Gen Y workers are a technological generation and appreciate quick feedback and response. We discussed the different approach of Gen Y workers, often branded as ‘lazy’ when in reality they work beyond the strict 9-5 routine and keep in contact with work around the clock via email and text messaging. The training was a great success; the role-plays were often amusing but always instructive and helpful. We’re now looking forward to putting our training into practise and adding new faces to our dedicated and hard working team.

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